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Running time: 40 minutes

American practice KieranTimberlake is best known in the UK for the new American Embassy in London's Nine Elms (see The New London Embassy: An Expression Of American Power). Other notable projects include the Engineering Research Centre at Brown University and 181 Mercer at New York University.

In 2011, the practice set out to find a solution to the chronic shortage of housing for the Indian urban middle class. Its answer was an affordable, quick to build, pre-fabricated housing system, Ideal Choice Homes (also known as India Concept House).

In this talk, partner James Timberlake discusses the origins of the project, the many issues that had to be considered, including the risk of flooding and earthquakes, the limited availability of materials and the need for energy self-sufficiency and the construction of a prototype in Ahmedabad in 2013. He goes on to outline his hopes for the future of the project.

Recorded in March 2020.

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James Timberlake

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