Carlson-Reges Residence, Los Angeles Sinte Gleska University, South Dakota. Hexagon Building Sinte Gleska University, South Dakota. Rosebud Fair Pow Wow. Grand Entry Sinte Gleska University, South Dakota. Tipi Poles Structure On South Face Of Hexagon Building

About this talk

Running time: 33 minutes

Architect-educator Rotondi was for many years Head of the Southern California Institute of Architecture. After some time as partner in Morphosis, he set up his own firm RoTo Architects in 1991 with Clark Stevens.

In this first part of his talk he describes how his outlook was altered while designing the first university in the USA for Native Americans.

Part 2 is The Space Between: The Carlson-Reges House.

Please note that a transcript of this talk is available - please contact us for further details.

Michael Rotondi

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