The House. Close Up Left: Rotondi. Right: Kathy Reges, In The Gallery The Industrial Environment The House

About this talk

Running time: 30 minutes

In this second part of Rotondi's talk he describes a recently completed house in Los Angeles, designed for an industrial builder Richard Carlson and his wife Kathy Reges. The brief required kennels for Kathy Reges' dog breeding and a gallery for her art collection, as well as a comfortable home.

Richard Carlson was to build it and it had to incorporate materials he had saved from previous demolitions. The house is built within, around and on top of an existing 19th century building. Rotondi relates the unusual process by which it was realised.

Part 1 is Imbibing Lakota Ideas.

Please note that a transcript of this talk is available - please contact us for further details.

Michael Rotondi

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