Bridge Of The Future, 1988. Architect Marks & Barfield. Poster Sports Activity Centre, Liverpool, 1990. Architect Marks & Barfield London Eye Millennium Wheel, 1999. Architect Marks & Barfield. The Completed Wheel London Eye Millennium Wheel, 1999. Architect Marks & Barfield. Design With One Horizontal Arm

About this talk

Running time: 45 minutes

The structural engineer, Jane Wernick, was with Ove Arup & Partners off and on from 1976 until she set up her own practice in 1998 in London.

She has worked with top architects - Foster (see More With Less, Exploring The City and Chateau Margaux, France), Rogers, Chipperfield (see Aspects Of Abstraction), Wilkinson (see Bridging Art & Science) - and in her talk she describes her contributions to projects with Renzo Piano (see Culturalising Today's Technology and New York Times Building & The Shard), Zaha Hadid (see To A New Modernism) and, above all, David Marks and Julia Barfield with whom she helped to design the "London Eye" Millennium Wheel (see Genesis Of The London Eye & Beyond).

She says that what she really enjoyed was "the process of collaboration, that is, trying to understand what the different architects' intentions are, and being allowed to contribute and toss my ideas into the pot right from the beginning".

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Jane Wernick

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