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Running time: 40 minutes

For Michael Fletcher and Keith Priest, one of the interesting parts of architecture is the sheer number of things that are involved apart from the design process. They discuss this in the talk about their project for the headquarters for Vodafone, the largest mobile phone company in the world, whose new offices occupy a 30-acre site outside Newbury, a small town west of London. 3500 people have moved there from their previous accommodation in 54 separate buildings in the town, with a company bus service assuring them of continuing connection to the town. The development of the site includes the restoration of a former forest as well as design of the bus system - not to mention considerations of sustainability. All come within the architect's domain. Fletcher and Priest have been practising together in London since 1980, after training at the AA and working with Wolff Olins on the corporate identity of large organisations.

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Michael Fletcher

Keith Priest

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