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Running time: 30 minutes

Irish-born Kevin Roche and the late John Dinkeloo were partners with Eero Saarinen (see Wright Started It, Corbu Gave It Form, Mies Added Control), inheriting the practice when he died in 1966. Since then, their output has been prolific and brilliant, in the main for the worlds of government, education and big corporations, aesthetically daring and innovative, yet in the mainstream of the Modern movement.

In his recording, Roche explains that "architecture is a language between people, from age to age. It has a structure, form, syntax and style, and says something about our time, our culture, our preoccupations, our political society, our honesty and our sophistication. Architects have the peculiar situation that while they think they are building buildings, they are in fact making statements for history, and if they thought about it in those terms, they might be a little more cautious, careful and thorough".

You can also hear Roche discussing his career in Career Retrospective: Kevin Roche.

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Kevin Roche

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