Nash's London Superimposed On Modern Tourist Map 17 Bloomsbury Square & 68 - 71 Great Russell Street, 1777 - 1778. The Porch & Attic Storey Were Added In 1860 Top: Caerhays Castle, Cornwall, 1808. Bottom: Cronkhill, Near Shrewsbury, c. 1802 Blaise Hamlet, Near Bristol, 1811

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Running time: 23 minutes

Nash's architecture is among the greatest of London, yet few people realise that John Nash was a great entrepreneur without whose drive, sense of urgency and unfailing invention none of it would have been realised.

Only one architect before Nash's time had proposed a London re-planning on such a scale, and that was Wren. Wren's proposals failed, Nash's succeeded. The London he shaped started in 1812, in his 60th year, and ended in 1832. His plans gave London new life, a great new system of circulation, a new equilibrium, and indeed a new sense of pride and self-confidence as the capital of a great nation.

The late Sir John Summerson, formerly curator of Sir John Soane's Museum in London and author of "The Life & Work Of John Nash", tells the story in his talk of Nash's incredible achievement.

He can also be heard speaking about Sir John Soane's Museum Sir John Soane's Museum.

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Sir John Summerson

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