Kimbell Museum By Louis I. Kahn Left: Numbers As Form. Right: Pascal's Triangle Top: Close-Packing Law. Bottom: Langley Circular Windows Super Pythagorean Theorem

About this talk

Running time: 29 minutes

Anne Tyng, long-time collaborator of Louis I. Kahn in his Philadelphia office, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. She currently has a Graham Foundation Grant to do research on "human scale in cities".

She says: "We see as a result of how we are made. A similar geometry orders natural form and human perception. An order based on a sequence of geometric principles underlies the evolution of natural forms. The same ordering sequence appears in architectural history as the underlying geometry of changing 'styles'. What has been called 'styles' of architecture occurs as the result of shifting phases of form empathy in human consciousness. As an extension of the evolution of natural forms, the evolution of human consciousness follows the same geometric ordering system Out of these fundamental patterns of perceiving, the human spirit has transformed the geometry of natural systems to symbols in architecture, in science and in art".

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Anne Tyng

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