Entrance Facade The Church Reaches To The Sky Roof Under Construction & View From Above Long Section

About this talk

Running time: 22 minutes

Krzysztof Chwalibóg, who was born in Poland during World War II, graduated as an architect from Warsaw Technical University in 1963, and then gained some professional experience in France. He has won many competitions in urban design and architecture in Poland, and was made a Fellow of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore in 1975. From 1981 - 1988 he was Vice-President of the Polish Association of Architects (SARP), and in 1986 received its award for "the most outstanding building" completed that year, the Church of the Holy Ghost at Legionovo near Warsaw.

It is this church that forms the basis of his talk, in which he describes how, in Poland since 1980, architects are gradually managing to shake off the shackles of the State and to practise privately once more, their clients being either the Church (RC or Orthodox) or small co-operatives requiring housing. In Poland everything takes a very long time to build because of an acute shortage of building materials and funds. Nevertheless there is a feeling of optimism among the architects as they search for a new identity.

The talk was recorded in the SARP building in Warsaw, so has some background sounds.

Please note that a transcript of this talk is available - please contact us for further details.

Krzysztof Chwalibóg

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