Idee Workstation, Furniture Showroom, Tokyo Leaf Wedding Chapel, Kobuchiza Leaf Wedding Chapel, Kobuchiza Leaf Wedding Chapel, Kobuchiza

About this talk

Running time: 65 minutes

The architects Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein were students together at the Royal College of Art in London. A scholarship took them to Tokyo in 1988, where they decided to stay and set up the practice Klein Dytham (KDA).

"They are inspired by the eclecticism of the city's cityscape, the aggressive energy and the confidence in the individual. Anything is possible... KDA shares a space called Deluxe with 5 other compatible companies where they have meetings, art events, concerts, performances, etc. in an infinitely flexible space. The environment is very much about interdisciplinary cross-over and about the excitement of Tokyo".

Mark Dytham

Astrid Klein

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