Wall Painting, Kurfurstenstrasse, 1971 Wall Painting, Kurfurstenstrasse, 1971 Model For Competition For MENSA, Hamburg, 1974 Ceiling Panels & Window Tapestries For Cleish Castle, Scotland, 1973

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Running time: 30 minutes

The Scottish-born artist, Eduardo Paolozzi, who trained at the Slade School, London, and the École des Beaux Arts, Paris, was already making collages in the 1940s. He creates vibrant forms from a mass of different images, culled from an enormous variety of sources, and transformed in different materials into the eventual artworks. Like Picasso, his approach to his work is one of search and experiment.

Even when he is teaching - in London at the Royal College of Art ceramics department, or in Munich where he is Professor of Sculpture at the Akademie der Bildenden Kunst - he sets up a studio in the school and shares his explorations with his students. He has worked with architects off and on since 1950, making wall paintings, wall panels of fibreglass, tapestry or mosaic, sculptures and reliefs in aluminium, stainless steel, iron, bronze or stone; even working at a very large scale moulding the whole landscape, as at Cologne.

In his talk, he discusses his iconography; the nature of the materials he uses and his collaboration with the technicians who work them; and the satisfaction he gets from creating monuments to be enjoyed by the public.

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Eduardo Paolozzi

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