Migotto House, Udine, 1953 - 1954 Quaglia House, Sutrio. Udine, 1953 - 1954 Savings Bank, Latisana, Udine, 1954 - 1956. Architect Collaborators: Provino & Nani Valle Trieste Apartments. Architect Collaborators: Provino & Nani Valle

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Running time: 29 minutes

The late Gino Valle was Italian born and reared in Udine, and trained as an architect in Venice and at Harvard. He took over his father's practice in Udine after World War II, and remained there in partnership with his sister Nani Valle Bellavitis.

From 1977 he was also Professor of Architecture at Venice University Institute of Architecture. He was one of the few post-war Italian architects who remained outside politics or fashion. As he says, he did what had to be done at that moment. He expresses common sense and continuity in his work, which may account for the durable quality of his buildings both visually and technologically.

The significance of his architectural language rests upon a methodology of design and the fact that he composes with modules of human activities as well as of form carefully related to the urban environment. All this is explained in his talk as he describes some of the many buildings he completed, most of them in the region around Udine.

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Gino Valle

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