Crawley Green Road Housing, Luton Stoneways Close Housing, Luton Oakwood 181 Housing, Warrington, Lancashire Wood Green Factories, London

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Running time: 27 minutes

Terry Farrell, born just before World War II, received his education as architect and planner at Durham University and the University of Pennsylvania then worked in the USA and England before becoming partner with Nick Grimshaw (see Industrial Architecture) in the Farrell/Grimshaw Partnership in 1965.

This partnership was dissolved in 1980, since when Farrell has headed the Terry Farrell Partnership based in London. He has taught and lectured in Britain, America and Germany, has written in many leading architectural magazines, and is hailed as Britain's leading Post-Modernist.

His work has taken on, he says, a more plastic form since 1980 as can be seen in the buildings he describes in his talk, ranging from curvaceous plastic greenhouses to fanciful interiors, from simple houses and small factories to sleek industrial buildings, culminating in the most notorious building of the 1980s in London, the building for the new independent breakfast-TV organisation, TV-am.

Of this creation the client stated publicly "Terry created something out of nothing - out of a grotty nineteenth century garage in Camden back land. He has rediscovered delight".

Farrell also shared his thoughts on transportation design with us in Transport & Urban Design.

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Terry Farrell

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