Thames Link Railtrack, From Above Charing Cross Station, Originally Villiers Street, Originally Section, Charing Cross Station

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Running time: 33 minutes

In this talk, Terry Farrell concentrates on that aspect of his work to do with transportation systems, and their connectedness to other parts of the cites they are in, and how this can be improved by their design. He describes work already completed and work as yet incomplete or still on the drawing board at the time of the recording.

Farrell has always been fascinated by the problems of transportation, even for his student thesis; and he tells us of later ideas he has promoted: for linking railway stations across the River Thames, for example, so as to provide double access for passengers. He is a great proponent of travel for pleasure and in this category we have the huge symbolic structure he was completing on Hong Kong's "Peak", reached by a cable-drawn tram much enjoyed by tourists.

Also for Hong Kong is the Kowloon railway station which will rise on reclaimed land and will connect to the new airport, the Metro and local lines. But the most integrated piece of transportation design that he has been involved in is for a transport centre for Seoul airport, the arrival and departure point for all passengers by whatever method of transport, and is highly specialised in its relationship with air travel.

Terry Farrell received his architecture education at Durham University and the University of Pennsylvania. Before setting up his own practice in London he was in partnership with Nicholas Grimshaw (see Industrial Architecture) from 1965 - 1980. He is a master of three-dimensional planning, and has built many very large scale buildings in Britain.

This is Farrell's second talk. His first, focusing on his work during the 1980s is A More Plastic Form.

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Terry Farrell

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