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Running time: 41 minutes

Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi are best known for their 1972 study of American vernacular, "Learning From Las Vegas", in which they called on architects to learn lessons from the aesthetics of the everyday.

Wrongly attributed with inventing post-modernism they fell out of favour, but are now being rediscovered by a new generation.

In this talk, Scott Brown, with contributions from Venturi, discusses the continuing relevance of "Learning From Las Vegas" and how their ideas have developed in the years since. What are the implications of neon's replacement by LEDs, how has the rise of environmental awareness challenged the automobile city and how can city physics be applied to the design of buildings such as laboratories?

They have also spoken more generally on their work in Ornament, Scale & Ambiguity.

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Denise Scott Brown

Robert Venturi

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