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Running time: 44 minutes

The Bentall Centre which encloses the mall is in Kingston, Surrey. To build it involved demolition and some preservation as well as the new building. It was a fast-track construction programme executed under a management contract over five years, and was completed in November 1992, on time and on budget.

The recording was made in the London office of Building Design Partnership. Taking part in the discussion were BDP's partner in charge Richard Allen, project architect William Morwood, structural engineer Don Peachey, services engineer David Murrell, and lighting specialist Barry Wilde; together with quantity surveyor Mike Sullivan (Ryder Hunt & Partners) and project manager Paul Young (Mowlem Management).

They follow each phase of the building's progress, from the brief, through the design and construction processes, to eventual completion.

We apologise for the sound quality of this talk. This is due to an originally poor recording, combined with the acoustics of the room in which the talk was recorded.

Please note that a transcript of this talk is available - please contact us for further details.

Richard Allen

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