Igloo Cob Cottage, Northern Europe Traditional Arabian House. Outside & Inside Weaver's Cottage, UK

About this talk

Running time: 39 minutes

Max Fordham is senior partner of Max Fordham & Partners, a practice involved in many award-winning designs. Educated at Cambridge (physics) and the National College of Heating and Ventilation Engineers, he then worked with Weatherfoil and Ove Arup & Partners before setting up his own practice in London in 1966.

He is a Chartered Engineer, has published many papers, teaches at the AA School, and is a Visiting Professor at Bath University.

The amount of light and heat inside a building is one of the main things that affect the amount of energy used by the building. How to control and conserve these under different circumstances and climates and in different sorts of buildings is what concerns Fordham in this talk.

Please note that a transcript of this talk is available - please contact us for further details.

Max Fordham

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