Petit Palais, Paris House, Montpelier Row, London House Extension, Newtown Park, Hampshire House, Dogmersfield Lake, Hampshire

About this talk

Running time: 41 minutes

The British architect Robert Adam, after completing his training at Regent Street Polytechnic, London in 1973, spent a year in Rome on a scholarship. That experience has had a tremendous influence on his work, which is all in the Classical mode. He has won many awards and has written innumerable articles and several books on Classicism, on which he is a recognised authority.

In his talk he explains how, once you have learned the rules of Classicism, you can introduce invention. This is what has been happening continuously throughout the centuries since the Greeks built their temples. The Romans produced their versions, as did the Renaissance and Victorian designers. And now Adam shows us how he does it. He has even gone so far as to design a skyscraper in the Classical manner, something he says the Romans would have done had they had today's technology.

And that is the point: Adam's buildings, though traditional in concept, are constructed using present-day technology.

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Robert Adam

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