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About this talk

Running time: 36 minutes

Trevor Dannatt was born and reared in Greenwich, in a local family steeped in architecture and building. He trained at the then Regent Street Polytechnic, where one of his tutors was Peter Moro who remained a life-long colleague. He joined him in 1948 to work on the Royal Festival Hall in London, under Leslie Martin (see Sydney Opera House and A Constructive Point Of View).

In 1952 he started his own practice with Colin Dollimore. He has since fathered many university buildings, housing, schools, etc. in Britain; though his best known work in the 1960s was the conference centre, hotel and mosque in Riyadh, won in competition.

However, in his talk he is mainly concerned with the conservation and change of use of buildings which are national monuments, notably the Royal Naval College at Greenwich.

He is a dedicated professional who strives he says, "for an organic entity which is the essential basis of architecture". He is consistent in his control of form, detail, materials and relation to environment.

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Trevor Dannatt

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